The portrait is planned by discussing with the client the size and setting for the portrait. The first meeting can be either at the home of the subject or at the artist's studio. The basic composition, size, pose, format, type of clothing, tone, background, and lighting are all considered.

A series of 60 to 150 photographs is taken. The subject is photographed under a variety of lighting conditions and in different poses and expressions. From these materials, the artist then chooses several of the best portrait concepts and confers with the client to select the final pose. The subject may need to sit for one additional sitting.

Oil painting commissions usually require six to eight months from start to finish, depending on size and complexity of the portrait. Large painting involving two or more subject may take longer, eight to twelve months. Drawing commissions require six to eight weeks.

Delivery is arranged upon completion of the portrait. The artist is pleased to assist with framing advice if the client so desires.

Upon completion of the painting, a meeting is arranged for the final sitting of the subject, if necessary, and   delivery of the portrait.

On the occasion  that the  subject  is  not  available  (as in a posthumous portrait),  the portrait  can be   created using available photographs.

Size Oil & Pastel Monochormes*
Adult Child Adult & Child
Head & Shoulders (12" x 16" to 18" x 22") $2,000 $1,500 50% of oil & pastel fees
Half Figure with Hands (12" x 16" to 18" x 22") $2,600 $2,000
Three-quarters (24" x 36" to 30" x 40") $3,000 $2,600
Full Figure $3,800 $3,000
* Monochrome portraits = Charcoal, pencil or transparent oil
Additional sizes by quote. Additional subjects or paintings each at 20% discount. Prices do not include framing, shipping, taxes, or travel expenses
Prices effective through January 31, 2015

A deposit of 40% is due with contract for commission. The balance is due upon completion and acceptance of the portrait. Fee quoted is per one person, unframed, and additional fees are applicable for pets, unusually detailed clothing and backgrounds.

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