My art progression started with charcoal followed by pastel and last came oil painting, all in this private classes in Maryland.

I thought oil painting was the quintessential media for painting and far from my reach. But my thirst for knowledge was stronger. I wanted not only learn how to paint with oil but also build my own canvas, prime it before starting painting. So, learned to assemble and stretch my first canvas and as my first oil paiting I chose to reproduce The Shell from Bouguerau.

Again, mind boggling mixing colors, use correct amount of medium, grazing, etc. I learned the old master approach where you paint a "dead" layer, aka grey painting, first then you start adding colors as second, third and so on. Half way of the painting and I needed to leave Maryland (and the wonderful private teaching) for work in Texas. 

I struggle to find an art teacher with same skills in Texas. Tried a few private teachers, community college art classes, but none satisfied my thirst. So, decide to join a group of artist that met every Thrusday night for a life model painting. This was another step that I needed to go through to free me from being so tight that my paintings looked like a photograph. 

Now, I see that being loose makes you feel that a painting is alive. It is more exciting for the eye. At least, this is how I like to paint now. Check the Marilyn and Elizabeth paintings and you will understand what I'm talking about.

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